Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blessings in disappointments

Lately, there have been a lot of blessings God has been throwing around…Giving me the opportunity to walk alongside some neighbors, giving me an opportunity to sing as the worship leader at my current bible study and even the cupcake orders that keep rolling in. I can't say that there has been a day I complained this week about anything really.
Then it hit me when I was smiling in the sun and enjoying the fabulous weather that I HAVE NOT complained!!
It isn't everyday that I complain but I can find things wrong. Like for instance, the other day when I went into a CVS out in Burbank, already frazzled by my teething baby and my over active 5 year old,  I only needed to purchase one bottle of teething tablets. I came to the counter while my 5 year old checked out the candy on a nearby display and my baby, playing with the register's atm machine.
Clearly the woman at the register could see I had my hands full but still decided that it would be more beneficial to have me take my CVS discount card out of my wallet with one had instead of just taking my phone number and punching it in the damn machine. Yep, I said damn.  I mean damn!
I complained to my husband about it.
Then I was trying to load my kids in the car, a woman waited behind my car and could clearly see that it would take me awhile. That didn't stop her from tapping her horn to speed me up.
I complained to my husband about that too.

Complain, complain, complain. All the while, those complaints have become now, like a blessing to me. I have to lean on God to have tolerance and grace for these situations. God wants my heart refined. He doesn't want me wandering around pissed off all the time. He isn't worried about my physical features or my grouchy looking face.  He is more concerned at the character of my heart.
But when things are going well. I don't complain. My husband has better days and is in a better mood.
(Catching on?)
Yes, we as women are HUGE influences on our husbands.  Our husbands want to "fix" something or whatever it is that we are complaining about. My husband can't fix the attitude of the woman at CVS nor the lady honking her horn at me. BUT… I can fix my attitude and be more uplifting and positive about the things I share with him.

So I am gonna quit my griping. Be thankful for my blessings and even more so for my disappointments.

In love.

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